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The city of Calgary in Alberta is home to winter sports. In 1988, Calgary hosted the Winter Olympic Games. With its beautiful mountains and high elevation, Calgary is a perfect training ground for winter sports. There are numerous world class training facilities for serious athletes who want to compete. There are different kinds of winter sports you can try when you are in Calgary.


For most Canadians, skating is somehow second nature to them. There are numerous skating rinks around the city. Since a lot of communities have their own rinks, you will never run out of options where to go. You can even choose indoor or outdoor.

Calgary has an Olympic-sized skating rink. This renowned skating rink known as the Olympic Oval, draws in the world’s finest speed-skaters for both training and competition. The Olympic Oval is famously known as the fastest ice on earth which became the breeding ground for breaking world records.


The beautiful snow-capped mountains is enough reason for Calgarians to go skiing. You can actually find a lot of ski resorts all over the city. Cross-country skiing is a great way to add variety to the sport. There are several trails you can try from novice to pros. Going up and down the trail and mountain is very rewarding as you get to see and appreciate the wonderful snow covered landscapes.

Snow boarding

Similar to skiing, snowboarding in Calgary is a popular holiday activity and is considered as an Olympic and Paralympic sport.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is officially Canada’s national winter sport. It is a well-known fact that Canadians are crazy about this sport. The sport itself has a massive following and fans are loyal to their home teams.


Tobogganing is one of the favorite past-times of Canadians. It is also similar to sledding but the gear used is slightly different from a sled. The toboggan is usually made out of wood or plastic, doesn’t come with skis which makes the gear slide directly in the snow. There are certain areas where Tobogganing is prohibited due to lack of safety measures.

Calgary is not limited to winter sports. There are a lot of other activities all year round. Here are some to name a few.


With Calgary’s mountain trails, it has become a biker’s haven. You can ride your bike up the hill and explore different paths as you go around. There are also designated parks intended for cross-country cycling.


If Ice hockey is the winter sport, then Lacrosse is officially Canada’s oldest national summer sport. However, this rough contact sport can be played all seasons and all year round, either indoor or outdoor. Lacrosse is a huge part of the native Canadian culture and as a national sport, many Canadians play this activity.

Shooting sports

Shooting sports is also an integral part of Canadian heritage. Canadians enjoy and participate in different activities that make up this sport.

These are just a few of the many sporting activities you can do in Calgary. Aside from winter, summer, team and individual sports, there are also multi-event games where Canada has actively participated in. If you are a sports enthusiast, you will surely enjoy this dynamic and exciting city. There is definitely a sport for everyone.

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